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Landlord-Approved Ways To Upgrade Your Rental

Posted by admin on April 4, 2019
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Have you found a rental home you love but hate the decor? Are some of the carpets older than you? You might be renting your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Can you make home improvements to your property without upsetting your landlord? The quick and simple answer is yes. There are a number of landlord-approved ways you can personalize your space with a little time, effort and creativity.

Hide Unattractive Flooring

When your home is a rental, there will sometimes be things that you simply cannot change and just have to live with, flooring is a good example. If the carpet in your rental is looking tired and dirty, then hire a professional carpet cleaner to make the carpets feel fresh and new again. Getting them professionally cleaned will get rid of all the dirt from previous tenants and leave you with bright and clean carpets that smell beautiful. But if the flooring is just too ugly or not to your taste, an inexpensive solution is to get a large rug which will conceal an unsightly floor and add new texture and color to the room.

Work Around Dated Decor with Luxury Personal Items

You might love your new rental home, but it still doesn’t feel like it’s really yours. Introducing some key pieces into your house or apartment will help to put your own personal stamp on your home. Invest in some bold pieces like quality artwork or statement vases. You can even make a big difference to your kitchen by doing something as simple as changing the cupboard door handles or even adding some luxury kitchen accessories. Sometimes even just a very small change can make a big impact.

Give Your Bathroom a Deep Clean

So the color of the bathroom tiles isn’t too bad, but the tiles still look old, dirty and dingy. There is a very simple and easy solution to rescue your bathroom tiles and that is to head to your local home improvement store and pick up a grout coating applicator. It’s a bit like a shoe polish applicator. You just tap the paint over the tiles, wait a few hours then wipe away the excess. You can use it on floor tiles too.

Cover Up Marked Walls

Most landlords don’t mind if their tenants paint the walls. This is particularly true if you are simply touching up the original color that’s already there. Ask your landlord what color was used on the walls so you can make sure you get a good color match. You might not be able to choose your favorite colors for the walls, but you at least can have clean walls that look finished.

Use lighting to change the look and feel of your home

You might not be able to make many big changes in your rental home, but transforming the way you use the lighting in your property can make a huge difference. Lighting can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a house or apartment. If some of the rooms have bare bulbs or tired and worn shades, replace them. You can also think about the way you use the lighting in your home and use a mix of table and floor lamps to control the lighting in each room.

You might not own your own home, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it feel like your home. From hiding unattractive flooring and covering up marked walls to giving your bathroom a deep clean and making the best of those eclectic tiles – even using lighting in a new way. It’s easy to personalize and update a rental property without breaking your lease agreement.

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