Puerto Vallarta popularly known as a tourist destination in Mexico is also home to numerous important monuments and places. These structures and the rich history attached to them makes Puerto Vallarta a wonderful place to visit. Taking a tour of these places require information on the working hours, cost of admission and tips to make your visit a memorable one. Listed below are the three memorable places you will definitely want to drop by to explore.


Puerto Vallarta Naval Historical Museum

A very common stop for pirate and smuggler ship in the past, this interesting harbor in El Malecón currently houses the Puerto Vallarta Naval Historical Museum formerly a Naval Clinic. The colonial-styled building has five rooms filled with paintings, photography, various historical documents and maps. Enjoy the rich materials filled with history of the development of Puerto Vallarta.

Explore the history of Mexico as it is connected to the sea guided by real naval cadets. Look out for the historic compass and models of ports, forts and vessels both old and new. If you have always dreamed of sailing the open seas, you will enjoy the special five-screen navigation simulator that gives a chance to experience maneuvering a large vessel through various conditions and the navigation charts and instruments on display.

Discover how sailors entertained themselves with a long-held custom of placing frightening mythic creatures in navigation maps to give other sailors a good scare and keep everyone on their toes.

The coffee shop located at the upper floor of the building has an awesome view and is a wonderful place to have breakfast.

Hours and Admission: The museum is open all year round from Tuesday through to Sunday. It is open between 10am and 5pm.

General admission cost $45 pesos, $30 pesos for children, students, teachers and senior citizens. It is FREE for children under the age of 6 and senior citizens.

Money (we accept CAN, USD and MXN. Credit cards are accepted in the restaurant, gift shop, and entrance gate. Visa or MasterCard accepted.)

La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Probably the most iconic structure in Puerto Vallarta, this building dominates the skyline of downtown Vallarta. Located right in PVR Centro, the catholic cathedral is easily accessible by cab or bus.

The church’s environs are constantly busy but it reaches an all time high in the 12 days of Our Lady of Guadalupe festival, held every year from December 1st to 12th.

float from Our Lady of Guadalupe festival

Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity created by the carved wooded confessionals, marble altar and the image of the Virgin Guadalupe by Ignacio Ramirez, artist of the state Jalisco. The crown of the church, that can be seen from miles away was sculpted by Carlos Terres after the initial one was destroyed in an earthquake and is a sight to behold.

Hours and Admissions: The Church is open all year round and Admission is free to all.

Buying wares here is not only shopping for souvenirs but directly supporting the locals.

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Rio Cuale Museum

A desire to delve into the rich history of Mexico and to learn more about the Purepechas will take you to this little museum open by the National Institute of anthropology and history. It is located between the romantic zone and downtown Puerto Vallarta.

The permanent exhibition includes art and ceramics as well as hunting and gathering tools and grave tools recovered from excavations in Sayula Zacoalco in Jalisco, Matanchen Bay and Ixtapa in Nayarit and Guerrero Michoacan. There is also a naval exhibition on display.

The exhibition offers information on the traditions and culture of groups that inhabited the region during the pre-Hispanic period between the year 5000 and 2000 B.C

Hours and Admissions: The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 10am and 7pm.

Admission is free to all.

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