Preparing the property to sell. As the old saying goes, ‘the way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things’. This is where your Vistalegre Real Estate Agent will bring so much value to your selling process. We are unbiased and can see your property through the buyers’ eyes, ensuring we don’t miss the chipped paint, dirty molding or dead plants that have come to be part of your homes character as you live in it. But as for buyers, this is the first things they’ll see, and the first things that will subconsciously turn them off from wanting to purchase your home.

To ensure the highest possible selling price for your property, a Vistalegre Real Estate agent will recommend a professional and reputable stager to perfect the details of your home for selling. The stager will often recommend removing some furniture from your home, opening space up for a modern and relatable feel to prospective buyers. Personal items will be removed so the agent can better paint a picture to the buyer of what it would feel like for them to live in your home.

Preparing the Exterior of your Home

  • For a low investment-high return selling trick, use fresh paint on the inside and outside of your home. Use neutral colors and clean linens to target a larger demographic of prospective buyers
  • Ensure all driveways, gates, walkways are in working order, clean and welcoming
  • The yards should be well maintained, full of color and looking healthy; this will need to be maintained throughout the selling process, as well as your neighbors’ yards. You may need to talk to your neighbors about hiring a garden service through them during your selling process to ensure the neighborhood looks high value. Your neighbor’s home can truly make or break the deal.
  • Balconies, decks, lanais and railings should be cleaned, maintained and freshly painted if applicable. Use potted plants rather than lawn ornaments to give a splash of color without looking too cluttered.

Preparing the Interior of your Home

  • Remove all unnecessary clutter
  • Repair cracks, holes and chipped paint in ceilings and walls
  • Repaint any wood that is worn or needs stained
  • Remove stains, odors or pet hair form all furnishings, window treatments, beds and rugs
  • Remove personal items and items of value from the home
  • Ensure you have quality ambiance lighting throughout your home
  • Organize closets and cupboards, removing anything unnecessary and opening up as much space as possible
  • Repair any leaky faucets or slow draining sinks
  • Clean counters and refrigerators of clutter, magnets or anything personal

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Preparing the Entrance of your Home

  • This is the buyer’s first impression of your home from the inside. The door should be stained or painted, polished and all hardware and doorbells functioning properly
  • Artwork or plants should be just outside the door entry to appear greeting to the guests
  • All lighting needs to be working properly and on for ambiance
  • All windows need to be clean and open offering natural lighting as well
  • A fresh coat of paint may be needed in the window sills and trip to make sure the house looks bright and finished
  • Make sure all windows open and close easily and paint isn’t welding them shut. Dust thoroughly to remove any dead bugs or surprises if the buyer chooses to open a window
  • Replace any cracked or broken windowpanes

This list may seem overwhelming as you prepare your property for sale, but the agents at Vistalegre Real Estate can guide you through the process, and help you hire the proper professional to make this transition simple for you. Your homes condition will have a direct effect on the price of your property; neglecting minor investments can result in a decrease of thousands lost on sell price. You only get one chance to make a great first impression to your buyer, let the agents at Vistalegre Real Estate guide you through the process.

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