Showing your property may be inconvenient if you have chosen to reside in your home during the selling process, but it is critical to the success of your sale. You only get one chance to make a first impression on our buyer, trust us at Vistalegre Real Estate to guide you through the process.

Tips for Showing your Property

  • To make the buyers feel more comfortable, it’s best if the seller is not on the property; the buyer will be more willing to explore and ask questions
  • Remove pets or keep them in a secured area with special instructions for the the showing agent
  • Turn all lights on and open all window curtains to allow natural light
  • When temperature permits, open windows to allow a natural air flow
  • Remove clutter from rooms, closets, counters and outside the home. Your home should match the photos from the gallery perfectly for the showing
  • Turn on ambiance music such as a light jazz or classical quietly in the background
  • Hot or cold houses don’t sell, so ensure the temperature is comfortable for the prospective buyers.
  • Fresh flowers and green lush plants are a great touch
  • Your home needs to not smell lived-in. Humidity, pet odors, cooking, stale rooms can cause disinterest from your buyer. Open the windows or grind a lime in your garbage disposal and burn a quality vanilla candle.
  • Inexpensive methods to mask odors tend to smell like you’re trying to cover up something. You agent at Vistalegre Real Estate can help you find some effective products.

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Hide all money, jewelry, prescription drugs or other personal valuables. While your agent will try to be with the buyers showing your property, they can’t be in every room at once, and sometimes there are multiple buyers looking at one time.

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