Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. “You are what you eat” is an old saying that unfortunately is not really respected these days. As we all know, as the products we find in supermarkets are no longer bio or healthy, we start to understand that is vital to find places where we can eat, in order to be sure that our food is not filled with chemical substances that are toxic for our bodies.

1. Bistro bar

Is the perfect choice for those who love both traditional and healthy food
Due to the thousands of tourists that have eaten at this restaurant, this is the perfect place where you can have 100% bio food at reasonable prices. More than that, the restaurant offers a large variety of products you can choose from and it’s recognized for the incredible taste of their food.

It is said that all the ingredients that are prepared in this restaurant were bought from local farms or even in the onsite garden of the restaurants in order to provide their customers with real fresh and bio meals.
This restaurant is famous for its changing menu, as they try to show people which are the freshest products in a particular week. The food presentation is exquisite so get ready to be surprised by the way your plate looks.

2. Fusion Gourmet

If you are one of those people who love to stay away from the crowd and have some peace while eating, then this restaurant is perfect for you, Fusion Gourmet is very popular for its different way of serving the customers. As they usually do not have a brunch menu, they only serve an excellent breakfast menu that can be ordered all day long.

The best part about it is that the products are usually taken from local farmers that do not use chemical substances when harvesting their products.

As the restaurant is hidden in a tranquil spot away from the noisy part of the town, eating here represents a peaceful experience if we have to compare it with other similar restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Coco’s Kitchen

Although is not a typical restaurant, this one is recognized for both delicious and natural products that are sold at reasonable prices.
This very for the atmosphere created inside while Coco’s kitchen is a family business led by an organized family that understood how important is to get in touch with your clients.

Featuring an eclectic mix of options starting from basic ingredients such as eggs and pancakes the menu is truly a treat which will represent the perfect way to start your day fresh.

4. La Palapa

Known as one of the oldest restaurants in the entire town, La Palapa it offers a large variety of dishes for all the tastes. The cooked food comes for sure from local farmers, as the owners say that their food is carefully chosen and cooked in order to be suitable for all the clients who step inside the restaurant’s needs.

Placed right next to the seaside, La Palapa offers the opportunity for its customers to eat their lunch being surrounded by the peaceful sound of the sea’s waves.

5. El Arrayan

Even though it might look like a Mexican ordinary restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, El Arrayan is known by all the tourists as being t6he place where you can have some great Mexican traditional food, cooked by old recipes which are totally respected. More than that, the products usually come from the owner’s little farm which is not really far from the restaurant, so the clients are assured from the beginning that their food is safe.
The next time you want to go a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, think about the fact that healthy food is beneficial for our body, and we always have to be careful about what do we bring on our plates. As there are multiple places where you can have your food directly from a farm that is 100% organic, why eat from the supermarket again?

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