l love Puerto Vallarta! To me, Puerto Vallarta is nothing short of perfect. It is one of those places where you go to and immediately become comfortable. It’s an ideal place to chill and relax as you enjoy all that old and new Mexico has to offer. The small colonial city turned tourist destination is an area worth a visit.

Here are six reasons why I love Puerto Vallarta:

1. Fall in love with the old town of Puerto Vallarta.


Once you visit the town, you will have an idea of what I’m talking about. The public square is home to beautiful green vegetation. There are beautiful buildings that have survived the test of time including the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe.

2. Beautiful beaches

Playa del Amor Hidden Beach Islas Marietas Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The area is full of beautiful, broad, white sandy beaches. Puerto Vallarta’s beaches offer you incredible views. You will fall in love with watching the sunset while relaxing in a white sandy beach enjoying the evening breeze. Nothing beats that feeling.

3. It is very vibrant and bright


As you stroll through the streets of PV, you notice that it is full of color. The streets are full of blossoming flowers, and walls painted in vibrant colors. What is even more captivating is that if you are keen, you will notice that the colors are just random and sort of blend together to add to the beauty of the area.

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4. It is a cultural and art hub

There are over 30 art galleries in PV. In addition to this, the town is also full of sculptures. You can find the statues throughout the city, in isolated areas or even a seaside boardwalk. You will not fail to notice the broad sense of artistic and cultural inclinations in the area.

5. The weather is just perfect.

The jungle and the ocean surround PV. The area’s climate is sub-tropical meaning that you are exempted from the summer colds while here. Whether it is raining or it’s the summer, you will still experience the beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

6. The nightlife is also vibrant.

Puerto Vallarta shops at night

After a long tiresome day of experiencing the good things PV has to offer, you might want to relax and grab a drink or two while listening to some good music with good company. Puerto Vallarta has its fair share of establishments that I can choose from for a perfect night out.

Not that these are the only reasons, we could go on and on talking about Puerto Vallarta. But don’t just read about it, plan a visit and see for yourself.

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