Immigration” Mexico has a designated number of different statuses for foreign visitors. The three statuses that relate to real estate property homebuyers are different for the specific saturations of the of the foreign visitor. The changes to immigration law initiated by the Mexican government were made in 2011, coming into effect in November 2012.

Tourist Card or Tourist Visa

This standard form required by all persons entering the country that allow visitors to remain in the country for up to six months without working. The tourist card is easily renewed by leaving Mexico every six months and reissued upon return.

Temporary Resident Visa

This Visa is designed for the visitor who wants to live in Mexico for a consistent period longer than 180 days. The “Temporary Resident Visa” is recommended for those who choose to own property in Mexico. “Permanent Resident Visas” are available after four years, allowing travelers to stay in Mexico for as long as they need without restrictions of foreign travel.

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Permanent Resident Visa

After four years of successfully meeting the requirements of a temporary resident visa, including time outside of Mexico, the traveler may now apply for the “Permanent Resident Visa” status that permits the rights of a Mexican citizen with the exception of the right to vote.


This visa status does not require giving up national citizenship for the originating country and offers the opportunity to freely work and remain in Mexico without renewal of immigration papers. This visa is also recommended for property owners.

For most foreigners, the “Temporary Resident Visa” status is the most practical for part time residents. It is obtained more quickly than permanent visas and offers similar priveleges as the permanent visa status. Most “permanent resident visa” applicants use a professional service for completing the forms and required paperwork.

Both visas offer the freedom to come and go from Mexico as you please. Vistalegre Real Estate recommends you visit your local Mexican consulate to verify the processes for any of the above mentioned visas. Currently there is a new law requiring buyers and sellers in Mexico to have a visa. Immigration is a complicated process, so we recommend a consultation with one of the experienced agents at: or

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