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The Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta is the perfect choice for those visitors who want to spend their holiday in a Yacht Lifestyle destination. The region has everything someone would want to have during a perfect holiday: excellent restaurants, infinite entertainment activities, a large variety of shopping centers and more.

As the year passed, Marina Vallarta has developed into the perfect place when you could have some fun with your friends and create memorable holidays. The restaurants offer meals chosen from all over the world and could be found everywhere in the neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to taste fresh fish, Italian and authentic Mexican meals and other amazing surprises.

The area is very popular for its peaceful and quiet atmosphere and it’s situated just at a few steps from all the action in the center of Puerto Vallarta.

More About The Marina Vallarta around the Neighborhood & Surrounding Region

The area where you could find the perfect hotel is right at the beginning of the neighborhood. it’s considered a perfect tranquil spot which has been appreciated by families who wanted to enjoy their holiday in one of the safest places in Puerto Vallarta.

The Marina is also popular because of its easy accessibility to both the city’s center and the airport, and for its great restaurants and nightlife without being forced to take your car and drive until you find entertainment.

At just a few kilometers from this neighborhood you’ll find Francisco Medina Ascencio which represents the shortest route that leads to the tropical beaches situated in the South of Banderas Bay. It is also very easy to reach a Northern destination using this highway.

 3 activities you can do in Marina Vallarta:

Marina Vallarta
  • Go Crocodile hunting (with your eyes)

Although it might sound like a frightening experience, as Marina Vallarta is considered “The home” for many crocodiles, there are huge chances for you to see one during your stay.

As their favorite activity is laying on the rocks and sunbathing, you’ll be able to see how they usually act in their own habitat.

Do not be afraid, as long as you obey the villagers’ rules and avoid entering the water in some parts, you will be totally safe.
Cocodriles in Marina Vallarta

  • Taste high-quality food

Marina Vallarta is s very popular for its great restaurants that offer both International and authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices. You can choose from a large variety of meals such as fresh fish, Japanese, Mexican and Italian food.

5 Best Farm to Tables Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta
  • Join a fishing tour

If you love being surrounded by water then taking a fishing tour will surely appeal to you. With a large variety of boats you8 can choose from, you can admire the views and catch some great fishes in a tour to tour to the Marietas Islands. Snorkeling activities are also included!

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Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a great place that deserves to be visited. Here are some purposes why you should never pass through it without spending a couple of hours there:

  • Located at just a few steps from Puerto Vallarta’s center
  • Rustic Mexican-style neighborhoods
  • Marina Vallarta is close to both the bus and train stations.
  • Great-rated accommodation available
  • Amazing restaurants with a large variety of meals you can choose from
  • Amazing views to the Sierra Madre Mountains
  • Popular for a lot of entertainment possibilities
  • Quiet and safe neighborhood
  • Up & coming real estate market for both investors & vacationers

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