Real estate photography's demand in ever increasing. House appears on the market, and the ones with
reliable marketing behind them are sold sooner. These days, each agent is working hard to get their
Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta Mexico booked as soon as possible. They are doing this by hiring
photography experts to capture photos that lure more potential buyers. The Best Local Marketing
Agency in Puerto Vallarta is Multimedia Scene
With the help of these simple photography tips, you will be able to produce beautiful images that make
a difference.

1. Create a Standard Checklist

While each home is different, having a standardized checklist to follow can help you become more

Here are some shots you will always want:

 Wide angle shots of each bedroom, living room, and the kitchen.

 A single photo of the bathroom, unless it has been created with great artistry.

 Backyard photos and some photos to show-off the 'curb appeal.'

 Also take some shots of the laundry room, garage, and pantry.

Creating such a list will help you avoid distractions and start with essential things. You can also pass this
information to the agent you are working with so that they know what will be happening.

2. Declutter

Adopt this as a ritual and always practice it while working on your real estate photography project. You
need to ask the real estate agent to get the homeowners on board about decluttering the place. We
often get used to some clutter in our home. Things head to a point where we don’t see it anymore.
However, a person with experience can spot clutter and advise to remove it for better photographs. As a
photographer, make sure you clear the countertops, coffee tables, and desks before you shoot.
Leaving one or two decorative items is excellent. While shooting interiors, if you find the closets to be
specially created, you must shoot them beforehand. After that, keep placing all the items collected
during decluttering and put them back at their place later.

3. Avoid Distortion By Shooting Straight

If you end up shooting a room at different angles, make sure you keep the camera straight. Holding the
camera straight helps avoid distortion when working in Lightroom. In case you don't get the camera
straight; you will notice that the vertical lines start to slant. They either distort in one direction or the
Moreover, keep in mind that the ideal height for real estate photography is 5-feet. Off course, each
home is different, but this height gives the image some natural feel and balance.

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