The term Predial is used for property taxes in Spanish. If you are an expat and you wish to file your Predial, do it as early as possible. Why such a hurry? Because when you file your property taxes as early as you can you get a discount? The discount may vary from area to area and time to time, but you do get a discount. Surely some discount is better than no discount.

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When you get a property in Mexico, you are obliged to follow the tax rules. These rules are simple. The Predial that is calculated annually is low. The Predial also vary from location to location and according to the size of your property.

What do we mean by when we say early? It’s simple. The Predial is due every year in January. Hence you get a discount when you pay it anywhere before January. The earlier you pay, the more discounts you will get.

For example, if you file in December, you get a hefty discount if 25%. For people who own multiple properties, this is pretty good news.

Mexico’s government is one of the few who hels  it’s taxpayers more than other governments. If a property owner is having financial difficulties, relief arrangements and payment plans can be made for him as well.

If you are not sure about the property tax discounts in your area, you can check with the municipal office at Ayuntamiento de Puerto Vallarta  to get the details.


Aclaraciones de pagos efectuados.

Calle Mezquital # 604
Col. Los Portales
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco México

(322) 178 8000 Ext. 1217, 1116, 1177


Informes y aclaraciones del monto a pagar por concepto de predial y datos del contribuyente.

(322) 178 8000 Ext. 1101

If you are expat in Mexico and you are waiting to get your property tax bill notification, you will not get any. They don’t do this; you must be responsible and file your taxes yourself. A lot of expats fail to do so because they aren’t aware of the rules and regulations of the Mexico government.

Similarly, vehicle registrations expire as there is no notification from the government.

The government of Mexico wants its citizens and expats to be responsible, so they have left the sole responsibility of filing all kinds of taxes on you. Not only that, there will be no notification letters as well.

In Mexico, you are rewarded with discounts if you pay your taxes both on time and before time!.

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