Popularly known as peoples “winter home”, check out the Camping and RV parks found in Puerto Vallarta. These parks are ideal for people who prefer spending their winter months soaked in the sun, surrounded by the ocean, forests, and views for days.

Several activities take place in these parks. Listed below are some of the fun and engaging camping activities you can enjoy in our camping and RV parks.

1. It’s not camping if there’s no bonding taking place


Okay, I bet we have all been camping or heard of people who go camping. Once you go camping, you “share” your space with other people. This sharing of space means that you will have to encounter each other more often, so why not make every encounter memorable. And that is why several bonding activities are happening in these parks.

2. Games and other fun activities

You visit Rv parks to relax and have fun. So why not engage in fun games? People participate in sports and other fun activities throughout their stay. You engage in activities like beach volleyball and other fun activities involving the sea.

3. Exploring the surroundings


If you are an outdoor person, then this is for you. Some activities seek to expose people to the surroundings of these parks. You are treated to daily walks around the surrounding communities, or you can also choose to have a walk on the beach. You learn the culture, appreciate the diversity, and you also get a treat of the breathtaking views of areas around these parks.

4. The parks are also full of learning

The people who visit the parks are given the freedom to share their unique skills or hobbies they have with other visitors. You volunteer to teach others, and in the end, everybody comes out having learned something new.

5. You get to engage in physical activities

For interested persons, there are several physical activities to be done in these parks. These activities include bike riding, daily exercises, daily walks, etc.

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6. You enjoy local cuisines

Local Cuisine

You are treated to local Mexican food. These foods are finger licking good and I assure you that you will fall in love with the food from the RV parks in Puerto Vallarta.

Get treated to amazing views, local cuisines, fun activities, and a friendly and very inviting atmosphere and communities around our RV parks. These are ideal locations for you to take your whole family to visit. Go to the camps and start creating those long-lasting memories.

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