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Posted by Eduardo Souza on March 13, 2019
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These are 7 benefits that you must take into account!

When I arrived in Mexico City years ago with a 3-months assignment from my work, many of my prejudices about Mexico quickly faded like mid-summer snow, while exploring the beauties of the country.

When I met who would be my wife the second month, I felt immediately in love with her and this incredible country; Its culture, history, people, food and diversity.

So we begin, after years of marriage:

I’ll tell you the Benefits of being married to a Mexican person: a tribute to my beautiful Mexican wife and to Mexicans in general

  1. 🇲🇽There’s always a party🇲🇽

Mexican families are usually large, so there is always a celebration. Sometimes, a giant party, like a wedding or a birthday party, but mostly are simple parties at someone’s home (or, my favorite) in a part of the street in front of a house and setting up a tent for parties, with disco lights and giant speakers …). These quickly become some of the best parties you’ve ever been in, with good music (live), amazing food and drinks and, most likely, dancing all night.

  1. 🇲🇽Even the tragic moments can be magical🇲🇽

Death Day in Mexico

Even in the saddest moments we can learn from ourMexican colleagues. It’s amazing to see how Mexicans help each other in the darkest moments. Where in the Netherlands, in general, you only go to a church or a funeral home, a couple of days when someone dies, most Mexican Catholics will immediately go to a Velorio or somebodies house, with the coffin Beautifully lit with candles and flowers. And they usually spend up to 48 hours with their deceased loved one, singing and praying, while sharing food and drinks. After burial or cremation, family members continue to meet for nine consecutive days; These events are called Novenas. I think this is an amazing way, not only to respect the person who has died, but to send them to heaven; Nobody is alone! In the last cremation we went to, they even put coffee and sweet bread on the altar, so that those who were dead could “have a last moment with us”. Obviously, here is a strong connection with the traditions of the Day of the Dead, one of the most moving and unique traditions in the world.

  1. 🇲🇽Amazing Gourmet Experiences🇲🇽

Mexican Maing FoodThe best Mexican food is not served in the best restaurants or in the most popular street stalls, but in the homes of Mexican families. Especially when there’s … another party. I tried some of the best Taquizas, Pozolle, Mole and Mixiotes, when family and friends welcomed us into their homes. Don’t forget the traditional Christmas dinner with the whole family, with the amazing Pierna Adobada, spaghetti with 4 cheeses, Russian salad and fruit cocktail. Ok … I’m feeling hungry now …; I guess its time we visit my mother-in-law today, one of the best chefs in the world :-).

  1. 🇲🇽Enjoy the best side of live🇲🇽

Restaurants in MexicoIn the Netherlands, my “happy times” were mainly when I had vacations, when I visited my parents once a month or when I visited my friends every month. The rest of the time, life felt more like an obligation: work, rest, work, rest; almost like living as a plant … It may sound like a cliché, but most Mexicans really know how to enjoy travel more than the destination. Enjoying the beautiful views instead of complaining about every stop along the way. Learn to dance in the rain instead of hiding from the storm. Yes, in Mexico it is not necessary for you to take Mindfulness classes; Just look at its inhabitants, learn and participate!

  1. 🇲🇽You will understand a fantastic culture🇲🇽

Mexican HistoryOne of the first strong arguments I had with my wife was “If you want everything to be the same as in your country, why don’t you stay in your native country? Or do you want to change the behavior of all Mexicans?” … The best way to find happiness in Mexico is to stop judging people and start to learn their culture: Don’t bother if things don’t go as you expected or if they are different from your home country. Instead, try to identify and appreciate the differences and take into account that many of the traditions of Mexicans have their roots in their pre-Hispanic past. For example: Don’t you like the cries of the vendors in the markets, metros and streets? Find out about the Tlatololco market and learn about pre-Hispanic times, when Tlatololco was one of the largest markets of the Aztecs at the time: “This city has many squares where there is a continuous market where they buy and sell. It has another square as big as twice the city of Salamanca, surrounded by portals, where there are daily over sixty thousand people buying and selling … ” (Hernán Cortés).

  1. 🇲🇽There are always multiple plans for everything🇲🇽

From the Mexicans in general I learned not to depend on anyone, to think outside the box, to be more creative and to always look for an alternative solution … For example: if in the Netherlands you lose your job, you usually receive help and government money, and you usually stay seated until you find another job, at the same or in a better level, with the same or better salary. In Mexico, due to the lack of social security, you cannot depend on anyone, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Can’t find a new job right away? Go teach English, organize events, do translation works from your home, wash the windows of the cars … But at least DO something and don’t complain all day Something does not work? Try to repair it first, repair it with duct tape and don’t throw everything away because of its first damages. Is there no budget to decorate a full Call Center for Christmas? Give your co-workers 300 pesos to buy things in a paper shop and be amazed by their creativity!

  1. 🇲🇽You can explore Mexico the Mexican way🇲🇽

One of the greatest advantages of being married to a Mexican (or traveling with a Mexican!), Is that they will show you Mexico in the Mexican way, exploring unusual destinations that you wouldn’t normally visit, showing you the traditions that you wouldn’t normally see and giving you the opportunity to try foods that you probably wouldn’t have heard of.


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