San Pancho Around the Neighborhood

The culture capital of the Riviera Nayarit

San Pancho around the neighborhood it is cultural capital of Riviera Nayarit, known as San Pancho is very popular for its different style, wonderful artwork and pastoral essence. What makes this place a real tranquil spot is almost non-existent traffic, in compares to its neighboring city of Sayulita.

San Pancho could be considered the owner of all the charm of a bohemian beach town which provides its villagers and tourists with a restful atmosphere that promotes elegance, nature and a life without stress factors.

Although it’s just a small community, San Pancho offers a large variety of entertainment possibilities such as The Music Festival, Artist Collective annual exhibition and a small group of talented writers.

San Pancho

The Neighborhood & Surrounding Region of San Pancho

Just a few minutes from the south of San Pancho you can find the popular surf town known as Sayulita. If you continue driving a couple of matters away from the highway, it’s impossible to miss the luxurious resort town of Punta Mita.

Besides that, if you choose to drive to the north, you’ll have the chance to see Tercer Mundo Avenue, considered as being the home of Las Varas and San Blas.

The biggest part of the activities you can take part in San Panchos are in the same area with Tercer Mundo Avenue. As a result of the fact that Sayulita and San Pancho are not far away from each other, they can both be visited in the same day.

  • Try some watersports

As the entire region is situated near the water, then the most practiced sports are those that involve water. You can choose from sea fishing to interactive surf lessons held in Sayulita. Besides that, if you like the adventure then try kite surfing or even paddle boarding.

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  • Taste some traditional food
Traditional Aguachile in Nayarit - San Pancho

You might think that a small town can have too much to offer when it comes to eating, then you haven’t seen this place yet. There are tons of little beach bars you will surely be very welcomed in, ceviche stands and a large variety of small traditional restaurants you can choose from. As a result, San Pancho may be the best place where you can try some great Mexican food, lay on the beach and relax.

  • Try playing some Golf

Even though Las Huertas was initially an orchard, it has been transformed into an 18-hole golf course that has also a restaurant where you can taste some local snacks or meals when you decide to take a break from playing.

  • Encourage the local artists

This piece of heaven has a lot of surprises for the tourists that decide to come here. In San Panchos you can find some high-quality hand-made jewelry, beautiful art galleries, film festivals and others.

  • Try some Yoga & Pilates Galore

Besides the surfing activities that this region is based on, there are a lot of other things that you can do in order to spend your time as well as possible. There are both yoga and pilates studios that offer courses for locals or tourists.

  • Hiking Monkey Mountain

If you love adventure and you don’t want to do watersports anymore, then a hiking trial to explore Monkey Mountain could be perfect for you. You can choose from going by feet or by an ATV as both represent unique experiences. The best part about Monkey Mountain is that Huichol Indians have their houses in this area.

  • Do some shopping at the local markets

If you find yourself in this area on every Tuesday from November to April, then you have the chance to buy 100% organic products that come from local growers, in a small marked organized by the local council.

There are so many advantages when it comes about choosing San Panchos as a holiday destination or a living area. Here are a couple of communities features that are meant to show you why this place is so admired:

  • This place is just 40 miles away from Puerto Vallarta
  • This destination is the perfect place for surfing lovers
  • Safe neighborhood and well-lit streets
  • Lots of night life possibilities
  • You can feel the authentic Mexican atmosphere while admiring the lush jungles from the area
  • There are a lot of both entertainment and dining options
  • A community that is always developing
  • Safe neighborhood and well-lit streets
  • Large beaches with white sand
  • There are watersports and classes available in the entire region
  • Beach camping to luxury villas available
  • Laid back community of beach-loving travelers

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