Many people choose to relocate to Puerto Vallarta because of the diverse watersport options it has in store. People often visit this city as tourist and fall in love with its amazing beaches and great watersport adventures. Residents of countries with cold waters find the Mexican sea pleasing and the sunshine pleasant. Many people come for the entire experience and never look back. Are you interested to explore the water sports scene in the sunny city? Pack your bags and head out as it is going to be an amazing experience.

Variety of Watersports

Expats from USA and Canada come to this amazing city and enjoy strolls on the beach. These people often end up staying in this city for the rest of their lives. Because of these expats, the Puerto Vallarta real estate market has skyrocketed.

Here are some different watersports you can try out in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Sailing

Watersports Sailing

The Banderas Bay is known for its calm waters. This makes it the best place for sailing. The Marina Vallarta is a place which has professional coverage to people interested in sailing. You can dock your year ships here and be carefree about it. There are many sailing courses offered in Puerto Vallarta. The idea behind these classes is to teach every participant individually. That’s the reason why they keep the class size small in each batch.

If you don’t want the hassle of captaining a ship, you can hire any professional service provider and lay back to enjoy the cool breeze that touches the water.

2. Fishing


Fishing is a popular watersport in Puerto Vallarta. The Banderas Bay is known as one of the best beaches for fishing. Valuable varieties like sailfish, marlin and tuna prosper in these waters. You can go out in the sea all on your own to catch fish or you can hire a guide to teach you the art of fishing.

Puerto Vallarta is known for the International Fishing Competition. Experts from all over the world compete with one another to gain the prestigious trophy. This event is organized by the Fishing Club Puerto Vallarta.

3. Surfing

Watersport Surfing

Puerto Vallarta is also known for its year-round surfable waves. The months between December and April are considered to be the best for surfing in this city. The waters in Banderas Bay are relatively calm and best suited for people who are learning how to surf. If you want to challenge your surfing skills, you will have to head out to Riviera Nayarit.

Another location in the region that is renowned for surfing in Sayulita. This place is considered best for people who love to surf and their surfing expertise are distributed in a wide range.

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Other than the above-mentioned main watersport attractions in Puerto Vallarta, there are other fun things you can do in this city. This includes snorkel cruise, half day whale watching, scuba diving tours, and diving classes. You can visit this amazing city and find what you love.

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